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Estidama - Pearl Rating System

We work with Developers and Project Management teams early in the design stage to implement the Estidama Integrated Design Process as a way of attaining greater synergy between project systems, resulting in high performance systems. Our green building commissioning specialists manage and oversee the attainment of the following credits:

IDP- r4-Basic Commissioning

The objective of the Commissioning Authority in IDP-R3, Basic Commissioning, is to ensure that the building performs as designed to protect occupant health and provide comfort and ongoing building efficiency.

Commissioning is a collaborative effort requiring input and participation from all stakeholders. Sutton documents all correspondences, reviews and audits pertinent to commissioning to suffice Estidama regulations in the form of:

  • Commissionability assessment of proposed design documents
  • Commissioning Plan and detailed Commissioning Specifications incorporated into General Construction Documents
  • Independent verification of systems’ installation and performance
  • Final Commissioning Report

Our LEED Accredited Professionals complement IDP-R3 by offering Clients and Project Managers the option of pursuing IDP 5-Recommissioning. This is accomplished by demonstrating the following:

  • Final building tuning one year after construction completion;
  • Re-commissioning two years after construction completion; and
  • Development of the building Operation and Maintenance manual, Building Log Book and Training Manuals.

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